Legacy Patient Portal

Our legacy portal will expire on 11/01/2019. After that time, account access will be suspended and data will be lost. If you have valuable information stored in our legacy portal we recommend retrieval before the expiration date.


Explanation of/and Guidelines for Use of the Patient Portal

Due to patient privacy laws, we do not accept electronic patient communications through traditional email. Our Patient Portal provides a secure method of messaging to ensure your privacy is in compliance with Federal and State regulations.

Response Time

Please do not use the Patient Portal for urgent messages. We will normally respond to non-urgent inquires within 24 hours but no later than 3 business days after receipt. If you have not heard from us within 3 business days, please call the office at (360) 876-2434 to check the status of your request. If we are unable to access the Patient Portal for any reason we will attempt to have an automatic response inform you of this as soon as possible.

General Guidelines for Communication

Please be as concise as possible. If your communication contains too many issues or complex issues we will ask you to come in for an appointment to discuss your concerns and questions you may have. Remember that all communications will be part of your medical record. Include an appropriate subject line such as “Appointment”, “Refill”, etc. The Patient Portal is not designed to replace the face-to-face encounter. Rather, it is designed to supplement those encounters.

Portal Eligibility

Current patients who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to access the Patient Portal. We will provide a username and password to each patient over 18 who provides us with a valid email address. A registration link will be sent to you via email. Once you receive the link, you may set up your account and access the Patient Portal. If you have not received a link, please call our front desk (360) 876-2434 and they will be happy to send out a new one.

Privacy and Security

All messages sent to you will be encrypted. Your email address is confidential and protected information. We will protect this information as we do all of your medical and other personal information. We will not purposefully share this information with a third party unless authorized by you or required by law. Similar to phone communications, messages may be read and addressed by staff other than the physician staff. When your physician is out of the office your emails may be addressed by a covering physician. Access to our internal network and electronic medical records (EMR) is password protected. Use of the Patient Portal is extended as a courtesy to allow enhanced communication between our patients and their doctor. Abuse of this courtesy will result in our discontinuing electronic communication with you.