Kids and Teens

Acute illnesses

Are you concerned your child has more than “just a cold”? Most illnesses are self-limited but sometimes it’s hard to tell. We can help determine if any further treatment is necessary.


Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Everyday activities can be more challenging for a child with ADHD. Poor school performance is just one aspect of the disease. We have experience evaluating and treating children afflicted with this problem.



Are you looking to have your newborn circumcised? We perform circumcisions on newborns up to four weeks old at our clinic.


Immunizations (Vaccines)

Is your family up to date on their shots? Do you know what shots they should be getting and when? We can help keep your children current with the latest recommendations.


Sports physical exams

Need a physical? We offer pre-participation exams year round for sports, school and summer camps.


Well-child care

Can your children see a family physician? Yes! Many parents find it convenient to have their entire family see the same provider. Well-child exams include immunization updates and a variety of health and development screenings.