Brad R. Frandsen, MD

Brad R. Frandsen, MD FAAFP

Dr. Frandsen has a passion for medicine and a passion for family, so it’s no surprise his career in family medicine has been so richly rewarding. “At one point, I thought I might do emergency medicine, but I like this because I get to see people over and over again. Being a family practice physician allows me to maintain relationships with patients throughout their entire lives. I’ve become like a distant relative to some people!”

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As a boy, Frandsen eagerly raised his hand when his grandmother asked which of her grandkids wanted to be a doctor. It was that early awareness that took Frandsen down his now well-laid career path. After receiving his Masters in Bio-Chemistry from University of California Riverside, he obtained his Medical Doctorate from Loma Linda Medical College of California. He went on to complete postdoctoral training and residency at the Cheyenne Family Practice in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he was Chief Resident.

Now a veteran, board-certified family practitioner, Frandsen owns his own practice. “Making it a place people want to work and patients love to come has really been the highlight of my career.” He also enjoys clinical research, exploring treatment for conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

To be a successful physician, Frandsen believes you must listen to your patients, always harness a good sense of compassion and realize your limitations. “A good physician must realize that they don’t know everything. You must be knowledgeable but also understand your limits. A good family physician will not hesitate to refer a patient to a specialist when needed.”

Dr. Frandsen is married to his high school sweetheart, Sue. Now empty nesters, the couple make it a priority to see and spend time with their five children and six grandchildren. Frandsen keeps active with hiking, rock climbing and racquetball. He is also a lay minister at his church.